Just Run With It (Episode 29): Digging deep to qualify for the Boston Marathon with Alex Apple

For this week’s podcast, we talk with Alex Apple. Two days before her first marathon, she could barely run a mile. But come race day, she qualified for the Boston Marathon! How did she do it? We talk about her experience qualifying and in Boston in 2017, plus how Pure Barre has helped her improve even more.

As promised in the podcast, here is the link for the High Point Pure Barre: www.purebarre.com/nc-highpoint. And here is the six-mile Boston Marathon treadmill workout mentioned in the podcast: Run 1 mile at 1% incline. Run the first “hill” to 1.7 milemark at 3%. Run 1.7-2.7 at 1% to recover. Run the second “hill” from 2.7-3.0 miles at 6%. Then recover from 3.0-4.4 miles at 1%. For “hill” number three, run from the 4.4 milemark to 4.8 at 4%, then bring it back down to 1% until you hit 5.4 miles. From 5.4-5.8, which represents Heartbreak Hill, bump the incline up to 6%. After that, bring it down to 1% until you hit 6.0.