The PoDDCouple: Voyage to Gilligan’s Island

Dawn Wells, the actress who portrayed Mary Ann on the iconic television comedy series “Gilligan’s Island” is coming to High Point, and Mark and Joe discover some little-known facts about the show and put themselves to the test with a 12-question quiz on the show. Play along at the end of the podcast. Also, the Week in History, stories trending on and more

High Point Confidential: Monkey on the loose foils High Point doctor’s transplant plans

Remember five years ago, when a monkey involved in medical research escaped from the Wake Forest School of Medicine’s primate center? Well, not to brag or anything, but High Point had its own monkey on the lam some 90 years before Wake Forest’s great escape during the summer of 2012. This is that story.

To read the story and see pictures, visit

The PoDDCouple: It’s been 40 years since “The Buddy Holly Story”

It’s been 40 years since the release of the classic biopic “The Buddy Holly Story.” Mark and Joe discover some interesting facts about the movie and its star, Gary Busey. Also, see if you remember any of these restaurants that are no longer with us.

The PoDDCouple: It’s time for round two of Family Feud!

The PoDDCouple welcomes High Point Enterprise photographer Laura Greene as their guest as they once again play a little Family Feud in honor of an upcoming fundraiser for West End Ministries. Also, a special Week in History and stories trending on

The PoDDCouple: Speaking like a millennial + The Beatles’ first album

Do you understand these phrases used by millennials? Will Mark and Joe? Producer Stephanie Butzer puts them to the test. Play along and see how many you get right. Plus, the usual stories trending on and the Week in History. Also, in honor of the 55th anniversary of the release of The Beatles’ first album, the gang tests their knowledge of the Fab Four with an eight-question quiz at the end.

Just Run With It: Jackie Gardner Allred’s most meaningful finish line

If you ask Jackie Gardner Allred about her favorite races, she’ll tell you about two marathons she did in 2017 that were very special, for very different reasons. We talk about our awesome local races and the running community in the Triad and much more! Plus, we take a running quiz and learn weird facts like how much sweat our feet produce in an average day and how many runners ran the very first New York City Marathon (and what they paid to register!) in 1970.

The PoDDCouple: NCAA Tourney and Burt Reynolds

Amid the throes of March Madness, the gang talks about this year’s NCAA tournament and looks at the week in history from the years that UNC, N.C. State and Duke won their first national championships. Also, words and phrases that show your age. Play along at the end of the podcast with a quiz on actor Burt Reynolds.

The PoDDCouple: Remembering the storm of the century

It’s the 25th anniversary of the huge snowstorm that rocked the East Coast, and the gang shares memories from that week, including what it was like to cover it as journalists. Also, the usual features, including stories trending on and the Week in History. Stick around for the end of the podcast and play along on a quiz about songs that reference the weather.

The PoDDCouple: Elections and the “Planet of the Apes” (with guest Paul Johnson)

The PoDDCouple welcomes special guest and Enterprise staff writer Paul Johnson to talk about what’s so far been an unusual local election year. Also, the gang pays homage to the classic 1968 movie “The Planet of the Apes,” which was released 50 years ago this month. Plus the usual features, including stories trending on and the Week in History. Play along with a quiz on “The Planet of the Apes” at the end of the podcast!

Just Run With It (Episode 29): Digging deep to qualify for the Boston Marathon with Alex Apple

For this week’s podcast, we talk with Alex Apple. Two days before her first marathon, she could barely run a mile. But come race day, she qualified for the Boston Marathon! How did she do it? We talk about her experience qualifying and in Boston in 2017, plus how Pure Barre has helped her improve even more.

As promised in the podcast, here is the link for the High Point Pure Barre: And here is the six-mile Boston Marathon treadmill workout mentioned in the podcast: Run 1 mile at 1% incline. Run the first “hill” to 1.7 milemark at 3%. Run 1.7-2.7 at 1% to recover. Run the second “hill” from 2.7-3.0 miles at 6%. Then recover from 3.0-4.4 miles at 1%. For “hill” number three, run from the 4.4 milemark to 4.8 at 4%, then bring it back down to 1% until you hit 5.4 miles. From 5.4-5.8, which represents Heartbreak Hill, bump the incline up to 6%. After that, bring it down to 1% until you hit 6.0.

The PoDDCouple: The best and worst “Best Picture” at the Oscars

With Oscar weekend approaching, the gang talks about the best and worst “Best Picture” winners over the 90-year history of the awards. Play along with a quiz on “The Godfather” and “The Godfather II.” Plus a special Week in History, stories trending on and more.

Just Run With It (Episode 28): She ran two ultramarathons… pregnant! (With guest Mandy Wahl)

Oh, baby! On this week’s episode, we talk with Mandy Wahl. She’s pregnant and if you think that would steer her away from running, you’re mistaken! She’s done several races, including two ultramarathons carrying her baby girl. Plus, we talk about some cool upcoming races for both newcomers and seasoned runners. Which are you most excited for?

As mentioned in the podcast, here is the episode with Stevven Anderson:

And the links to the races! Girls and Pearls:, The Big Run:, and Smiles for Miles 5K and Fun Run:

The PoDDCouple: Reflecting on Don Knotts with guest Jimmy Tomlin

The PoDDCouple welcome Enterprise feature writer Jimmy Tomlin, who shares a few stories about interviews and encounters with the late Don Knotts. Also, play along with the gang as they once again test their knowledge of “The Andy Griffith Show” with a quiz at the end of the podcast. Also, the usual features, including stories trending on and the Week in History.

The PoDDCouple: A Valentine’s Day special

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the gang talks about the best romantic comedies of all time and checks out the Rotten Tomatoes list for the top 50. Play along with a quiz on famous “chick flicks” at the end of the podcast. Plus, stories trending on, the Week in History and more.

Just Run With It (Episode 27): Learning how to stay injury-free with Don Garrison

We talk with Don Garrison, an athletic trainer and sports medicine professional, about common running injuries and how to avoid them, plus advice for new runners. We also learn more about his background zipping around the track in the 800-meter race. 

Just Run With It (Episode 26): A new store and a new (EXCITING) race with speedster Stevven Anderson

If you’ve visited the High Point Fleet Feet store, there’s a good chance you’ve run into Stevven Anderson. In this podcast, we talk about why the Fleet Feet store recently moved locations, what it’s like to coach a group of runners of different abilities, and — breaking news! — his upcoming first marathon! It’s all in this week’s Just Run With It.

The PoDDCouple: Natalie Wood mystery

The gang talks about the renewed effort to solve the riddle of the mysterious death of actress Natalie Wood in 1981. Plus, a look at the week in local history from that year and stories currently trending on How well do you know 1980s music? Play along with a quiz on the hits of 1981 at the end of the podcast.

The PoDDCouple: “The Andy Griffith Show” in black and white or color?

Do the color episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show” get a bum rap? The PoDDCouple reignite this age-old debate and talk about some of the best, and worst, color episodes of the classic TV show. Plus, the usual features including stories trending on and the Week in History.

Just Run With It (Episode 25): Clearing hurdles with Olympic Trials steeplechaser Donnie Cowart

When he was younger, Winston-Salem resident Donnie Cowart was told no a lot — he was too short or too small for the sports he wanted to try. Then he found running. While it wasn’t love at first site, everything changed after that. And when you hear how fast this guy can run while jumping over hurdles… You’ll be blown away (also, yes, he likes it now). We talked about Donnie’s passion for steeplechase, what it was like to stand on the line for the Olympic Trials, breaking 4 minutes in the mile and how to push through a hard workout or race to a successful finish. He has some excellent advice for you. This is one of my favorite podcasts, so I hope you enjoy!

Mentioned in this podcast: Check out more about Crazy Running at and more on the Sir Walter Miler at


Just Run With It (Episode 24): The start and strength of RunnerDude’s Fitness (with guest Thad McLaurin)

If you run around the Triad area of North Carolina, you probably know Thad McLaurin, also known as RunnerDude. A few years ago, Thad took a chance and opened up RunnerDude’s Fitness, which now offers group runs, classes, workshops, boot camps and more. People of all ages and abilities have taken advantage of Thad’s knowledge and experience. We learn more about Thad’s background and why he started running, how he can help you with your fitness and what’s next. For more information, visit

High Point Confidential: What a bank robber did for love

It’s hard not to feel sorry for poor Grady Ferguson, a bank robber who was forced into crime by an unexpected tragedy. By all accounts, the 27-year-old Ferguson was a law-abiding citizen. And then in 1922, after a devastating fire, he started robbing from banks. But after listening to this podcast, can you not feel (sort of) bad for him?

The PoDDCouple: Remembering Robin Williams

The PoDDCouple talks about the life and career of Robin Williams and discovers some interesting facts about the late comic and actor. Also the regular features, including the Week in History and stories trending on Test your knowledge of Robin Williams and his movies by playing along with a quiz at the end of the podcast.

The PoDDCouple: A Poseidon New Year!

The PoDDCouple rings in the new year by remembering “The Poseidon Adventure” and some of the other most famous New Year’s Eve movie scenes on film. Play along with a quiz on this iconic film from the early 1970s. Also, the usual stories trending on, the Week in History and more.

The PoDDCouple: Christmas spectacular and favorite childhood presents

Merry Christmas! In the spirit of the season, the gang talks about classic toys and the most popular toys throughout history, including their personal favorites. Do yours make the list? Play along as they test their knowledge with a quiz on the classic holiday film, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Plus, the usual features, including the week in history and stories trending on

The PoDDCouple: Best TV Westerns

What are the best TV Westerns of all time? The PoDDCouple talk about their favorites and compare them to rankings by the Western Writers of America. How many do you recognize? Plus, stories trending on, the week in local history and a quiz on “Gunsmoke,” the longest-running drama in TV history.

Just Run With It (Episode 23): The day your podcast host got eaten by a race

In November, I, your podcast host, participated in a 24-hour race in Virginia. In this episode, I sit alone in our studio to talk to you about it went. Was it weird to do a podcast alone about myself? You betcha! Listen in to see how the race went, what recovery was like (OUCH) and what’s next.

High Point Confidential: Taking the low road

Before the city had prepared to honor its two historic racetracks — High Point Speedway and Tri-City Speedway — with an unveiling of historical markers, it was easy to think of those early years as the glory days. But, in all honesty, it wasn’t all glory. The competition was as dirty as the track itself. Listen here for more.

Just Run With It (Episode 22): Conquering the 50-state challenge with Dennis Tam

Dennis Tam didn’t like his first race, but he had already signed up for a second and decided after that one, he’d quit. But that all changed very quickly. Today, he’s halfway through his 50-state challenge of running a half or a full marathon in every state. We talk about how running helped his physical and mental health, how to run a race in 50 states and more.

And big congratulations to him because after the podcast, he found out he’d gotten into the lottery for the 2018 Berlin Marathon.

High Point Confidential: When Finch Field grandstand went up in flames

Summer conjures up fond memories of hot summer nights at the ballpark. At Thomasville’s Finch Field, though — where generations of spectators have spent many an evening — not all the memories are pleasant. One memory, in particular, stands out as the darkest night in Finch Field’s 82-year history: The night the stadium’s glorious old grandstand burned to the ground. This is that story.

Just Run With It (Episode 21): Begone, fear of running on trails! With guest Julie Greene

Want to get out on the trails, but are nervous about running in the woods? It can be intimidating to go from running in neighborhoods to running to the forest, especially alone. On a weekly basis, Julie Greene leads a group as they explore the various trails in the area. We talk about how to get involved, her favorite and toughest races and how to truly enjoy a run.

The PoDDCouple: “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”

With the rapid approach of Thanksgiving, the gang talks about the classic holiday comedy film “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” Play along with a quiz on the movie at the end of the podcast. Plus, stories trending on and the Week in History.

The PoDDCouple: Did you know these celebrities are also veterans?

In honor of the approaching Veterans Day weekend, the PoDDCouple talk about celebrities who were military veterans. Some of them may surprise you! Plus, see if you can match wits with the crew as they take a quiz on U.S. veterans and the history of Veterans Day. Plus, stories trending on and a special Week in History.

Just Run With It (Episode 20): Why did Carla Flores-Ballesteros do a 50K? Because why not?

One day, she just thought, “Why not?” That’s the reason Carla Flores-Ballesteros signed up for the Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock 50K in North Carolina. This trail race looks very much like a V. Downhill for a while, followed by a long uphill. Join us as we talk with Carla about this experience, what it was like to complete it with her husband (it was his first race) and she kept going when the going got tough.

The PoDDCouple: How much do you know about “Bonnie and Clyde”?

How much do you know about the 1967 classic film “Bonnie and Clyde?” Play along with a quiz after the PoDDCouple talk about the groundbreaking film and discover some little-known tidbits about both the movie and the real gangsters. Plus, a special Week in History and a look at stories trending on

High Point Confidential: Stuntman’s perilous climb thrilled High Pointers in 1918

Hollywood’s “Spider-Man” may have been number one at the box office last weekend, but a century ago, a real-life Spider-Man was the main attraction in downtown High Point. In 1918, a man who called himself “The Human Spider” came to town and climbed what was then the tallest building in town, the five-story Bank of Commerce building on North Main Street. Learn more about him, and how the climb went, in this podcast.

Just Run With It (Episode: 19): Combining festivals and racing? Brad Falvey talks Trailfest

You’ve heard of festivals. And you’ve heard of racing. But putting those two together for a multi-day event? Sign me up! Winston-Salem resident Brad Falvey talks about his experience at the 2017 Trailfest in Utah, a three-day festival including a morning run and various optional activities throughout the afternoon and evening. Brad also talks about his most recent ultramarathon, which was hard but went well, and his very first one, which was hard but did not go well. If you’re a trail runner, this podcast was made for you!

The PODDCouple: Scary movies

In the spirit of Halloween, the gang talks about movies that scared them the most and compares it to the Readers Digest list of scariest movies of all time. Also, the usual Week in History and stories trending on

The PoDDCouple: “The Walking Dead” returns

Will the colonies finally rise up against Negan? The PoDDCouple explore this and other burning questions as the hit TV series gets ready to kick off its eighth season. Also, fans of the show can try to match wits with Joe and Mark by playing along with a quiz. Plus, the usual Week in History and stories trending on

Just Run With It (Episode 18): Running plus swimming, plus cycling with the Yoemans

On this week’s podcast, we meet the Yoemans. And what a power couple! Jeremy and Valarie not only run, but also compete in triathlons. We talk about our first triathlons (and my only!), what it’s like to race together and the BIG triathlon they’re doing together in 2018.

The PoDDCouple: We found the most iconic TV show theme songs ever

What’s your favorite TV show theme song? Mark, Joe and Stephanie list their favorites of all time and compare it to IGN’s Top 50 list. Did we name your favorite? Did any of our favorites get on the list? Plus, the usual features, including stories trending on and the Week in History.

Just Run With It (Episode 17): Twelve runners vs. 208 mountain miles

In early September, 12 Triad runners participated in the 2017 Blue Ridge Relay. This 208-mile race invites groups of runners to run from the mountains of Virginia to Asheville, North Carolina. The High Point Pub Runners, including Just Run With It host Stephanie Butzer, took on this challenge. Here’s the story of this wild adventure.

The PoDDCouple: Local elections and “Dragnet 1967”

Mark and Joe welcome Enterprise political reporter Paul Johnson to talk about the upcoming city primary and general election. They also talk about the 50th anniversary of the TV show “Dragnet 1967.” Play along with a quiz on the iconic TV show. Plus, the regular features, including the Week in History and stories trending on

High Point Confidential: Pull up a chair — or three — to hear this story

Everybody’s familiar with Thomasville’s most famous landmark, the Big Chair. But did you know Thomasville has actually had three big chairs? In this installment of High Point Confidential, Jimmy Tomlin goes back several decades to explain what happened to the first two Big Chairs.
Music credit: “Deadly Roulette,” Kevin MacLeod (

Just Run With It (Episode 16): Claudia Marini & her 5K to prevent overdoses

In December of 2016, Claudia Marini lost her 22-year-old daughter to an overdose. Since then, this local runner has put on a brave face to help those who struggle with addiction by changing the system they’re thrown into. Claudia put together a 5K, which is scheduled for this weekend (Oct. 7), called Maddie’s Miles. You can sign up for the race here:

Just Run With It: (Episode 15): Running happy, running long and running fast with Cindy Barbour

You can count yourself lucky if you’ve ever ran with Cindy Barbour — not only because it means you’re running alongside one of the most motivated runners in the area, but because you can keep up with her! Cindy, who calls Greensboro home, talks with us about how helping others reach their fitness goal inspires her, her 100-mile at the Crooked Road 24-hour ultra, how she’s hiking the Appalachian Trail and how it felt to win the 2009 Charlottesville Marathon for women.

The PoDDCouple: “Fast Times” remembered

Hard to believe it’s been 35 years since the release of the coming-of-age comedy film “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” The PoDDCouple reflect on the cult classic movie and invite listeners to test their knowledge by playing along with a 20-question quiz. Plus, the Week in History, stories trending on and a tribute to the late, great Arnold Palmer.

The PoDDCouple: A Match Game farewell

Mark and Joe say goodbye to producer Allison Temple with a friendly bout of Match Game. Play along with the gang, including new podcast producer Stephanie Butzer. Plus, the week in local history and stories trending on

Just Run With It (Episode 14): Running to remember a little angel with Nicole Donoghue and Debbie Allison

Nicole Donoghue and Debbie Allison join us on this week’s Just Run With It podcast. We talked about The Declan Donoghue Foundation, which Nicole started after her toddler son passed away. The foundation builds playgrounds around the Triad and raises most of its funds through an annual 5K. We talk why play is important for both kids and adults, why the foundation is focusing on playgrounds and why the race is such a hit. See more on the foundation at

Just Run With It (Episode 13): Sarah Beth Davis and Robin Lindsay get kids GO(ing) FAR!

Sarah Beth Davis, executive director of GO FAR, and the nonprofit’s founder Robin Lindsay, talk about their own passion for running and how the idea for GOFAR (Go Out For A Run) came to be. The nonprofit, which is supported by donations, gets children in elementary and middle school interested in healthy lifestyles. The 10-week program concludes at the end of each semester with a 5K. To learn more, visit