The PoDDCouple: Revisiting “Married… with Children” 30 years later

Hard to believe it’s been 30 years since “Married… with Children” debuted and changed the nation’s television landscape (for better or for worse). The PoDDCouple discover some interesting facts about the show and cast.

The PoDDCouple: “The Munster” Mash

With recent news of a reboot of “The Munsters” in the works, the PoDDCouple talk about the classic hit TV show from the 1960s. Play along as they test their knowledge with a “The Munsters” quiz and review trending stories at

PoDDCouple: ELVIS!

ELVIS! The PoDDCouple talk about the life and career of Elvis Presley on the 40th anniversary of The King’s death, then strive for perfection on a tough quiz on the rock ‘n’ roll giant. Plus, a special Week in History and stories trending on


FANTASY FOOTBALL EDITION: The PoDDCouple talk about the upcoming NFL season and reveal some of their sleeper fantasy picks. Also, play along as they take a quiz on memorable football games and events through history. Plus, a tribute to the late, great Glen Campbell and the usual Week in History and stories trending on


LIKE, FAR OUT, MAN: The PoDDCouple dig some groovy vibes as they talk about the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and the iconic music from that era that has stood the test of time. Plus, play along with a quiz on that historic summer of 1967 and hear about stories trending on and the week in local history.

PoDDCouple: REALLY BAD MOVIES Guest Paul Johnson

REALLY BAD MOVIES: The PoDDCouple again welcome Enterprise political reporter Paul Johnson to talk about this year’s city election and join in on a discussion on the best and worst movies of all time. The crew then puts themselves to the test with a quiz on bad movies.

PoDDCouple: A revisit to two past episodes Hosted by Allison Temple

Allison podcast producer with help from Paul Johnson takes us back to the first episode of the poddcouple and move into the most downloaded episode with guest Jimmy Tomlin. With over a year has passed since we started podcasts and the poddcouple.

PoDDCouple: A ‘BLANK’ OF A GOOD TIME Guest Natalie Stewart

A ‘BLANK’ OF A GOOD TIME: High Point Enterprise public safety reporter Natalie Stewart joins The PoDDCouple to share bizarre police reports and talk about her series on unsolved homicides. She then joins the crew for a spirited round of Match Game in honor of the 1970s game show. Also, stories trending on and the week in history.

PoDDCouple: “THANK YOU, KIND SUUUUUH.” Guest Vince Wheeler

“THANK YOU, KIND SUH.” The PoDDCouple welcome Enterprise Assistant Editor and resident history buff Vince Wheeler to talk about his collection of old Enterprise newspapers and the anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg. Also, see if you agree with our picks for movies with the worst Southern accents and test your Civil War knowledge with a Gettysburg quiz!

PoDDCouple: You’ve entered the twilight zone

You’ve entered the twilight zone: The PoDDCouple welcome Enterprise

staff writer and political beat writer Paul Johnson and discuss a range

of topics including this year’s city elections, local economic growth

and corporate incentives. They also discuss the classic TV show “The

Twilight Zone” and put themselves and listeners to the test with a

15-question quiz.


The PoDDCouple reflect on the career of Adam

West, star of the iconic 1960s television hit series “Batman,” and make

some predictions on this week’s U.S. Open golf tournament. Also, find

out how they fare as they test their knowledge with a quiz on Batman

villains. Plus, stories trending on and the week in history.

The PoDDCouple: Use The Force!

USE THE FORCE! Marking the 40th anniversary of the original Star Wars movie, the gang shares some fun facts about the movie and the franchise and are joined by producer and Star Wars fanatic Allison Temple in a quiz to test their knowledge of the epic film. Plus, the week in history, stories trending on and weird stuff thrown on the ice at hockey games.