Just Run With It (Episode 7): ​Lost Runners, LLC and running for a really long time with John Doggett

​Lost Runners, LLC and running for a really, really, really long time with John Doggett

​If you enjoy trail running around the Triad, you probably know John Doggett​. He’s the race director of Lost Runner, LLC, which puts on various trail races in the Triad. But he also makes time to run for himself, although it’s not always a walk in the park. He’s completed some gnarly races, including a 100-miler and the grueling Georgia Death Race. We talk about the trail running community in the Triad, what it’s like to organize a race and his unique running tattoos.

​If you’re looking for more information on the races John mentions in this podcast, check out the Lost Runners 24, Dogge​ttville 12 and Lakeside Trail Race​ on Facebook.


Just Run With It (Episode 6): Runner’s body and physical therapy with Allan Buccola

What started as a nagging injury lead to a completely new career for Greensboro runner Allan Buccola. Today, you can find him working in two area hospitals and running his own physical therapy practice. He talks about how he first became interested in PT, how his practice is different than others, and some tips for staying injury-free

Just Run With It (Episode 5): Climbing up Colorado mountains with Curtis Arena

More than 6,000 feet of elevation? On trails? Through snow? With 50 mph winds? It sounded good to Jamestown runner Curtis Arena! In episode 5 of the Just Run With it podcast, we talk about this challenging race, losing motivation and finding it again, and pushing yourself to the absolute limit.

Just Run With It (Episode 4): Winding back the competitiveness with Ashley Bayse

In Episode 4 of Just Run With It, we discuss how competitiveness can both help and hinder runners in training and races. Thomasville native Ashley Bayse talks about how how she let it get the best of her for a short time, before she came back stronger than ever with inspiring and renewed goals

Just Run With It – we talk with ultrarunning extraordinaire Dorothy Hans of Greensboro

On Episode 3 of Just Run With It, we talk with ultrarunning extraordinaire Dorothy Hans of Greensboro. Dorothy describes ultrarunning as it truly is — fun and rewarding, but also incredibly challenging and, sometimes, unbearable. And she writes about it, too, with just as much honesty.

blog, visit www.crostinis.blogspot.com

Just Run With It – with Stephanie Butzer Special Guest Tara Wommack

On Episode 2 of Just Run With It, Tara Wommack of Greensboro sheds some light on running with young children. How she opened a Fit4Mom franchise to encourage and support moms and their kids through fun group exercises.