Just Run With It (Episode 23): The day your podcast host got eaten by a race

In November, I, your podcast host, participated in a 24-hour race in Virginia. In this episode, I sit alone in our studio to talk to you about it went. Was it weird to do a podcast alone about myself? You betcha! Listen in to see how the race went, what recovery was like (OUCH) and what’s next.

Just Run With It (Episode 22): Conquering the 50-state challenge with Dennis Tam

Dennis Tam didn’t like his first race, but he had already signed up for a second and decided after that one, he’d quit. But that all changed very quickly. Today, he’s halfway through his 50-state challenge of running a half or a full marathon in every state. We talk about how running helped his physical and mental health, how to run a race in 50 states and more.

And big congratulations to him because after the podcast, he found out he’d gotten into the lottery for the 2018 Berlin Marathon.

Just Run With It (Episode 21): Begone, fear of running on trails! With guest Julie Greene

Want to get out on the trails, but are nervous about running in the woods? It can be intimidating to go from running in neighborhoods to running to the forest, especially alone. On a weekly basis, Julie Greene leads a group as they explore the various trails in the area. We talk about how to get involved, her favorite and toughest races and how to truly enjoy a run.

Just Run With It (Episode 20): Why did Carla Flores-Ballesteros do a 50K? Because why not?

One day, she just thought, “Why not?” That’s the reason Carla Flores-Ballesteros signed up for the Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock 50K in North Carolina. This trail race looks very much like a V. Downhill for a while, followed by a long uphill. Join us as we talk with Carla about this experience, what it was like to complete it with her husband (it was his first race) and she kept going when the going got tough.

Just Run With It (Episode: 19): Combining festivals and racing? Brad Falvey talks Trailfest

You’ve heard of festivals. And you’ve heard of racing. But putting those two together for a multi-day event? Sign me up! Winston-Salem resident Brad Falvey talks about his experience at the 2017 Trailfest in Utah, a three-day festival including a morning run and various optional activities throughout the afternoon and evening. Brad also talks about his most recent ultramarathon, which was hard but went well, and his very first one, which was hard but did not go well. If you’re a trail runner, this podcast was made for you!

Just Run With It (Episode 18): Running plus swimming, plus cycling with the Yoemans

On this week’s podcast, we meet the Yoemans. And what a power couple! Jeremy and Valarie not only run, but also compete in triathlons. We talk about our first triathlons (and my only!), what it’s like to race together and the BIG triathlon they’re doing together in 2018.

Just Run With It (Episode 17): Twelve runners vs. 208 mountain miles

In early September, 12 Triad runners participated in the 2017 Blue Ridge Relay. This 208-mile race invites groups of runners to run from the mountains of Virginia to Asheville, North Carolina. The High Point Pub Runners, including Just Run With It host Stephanie Butzer, took on this challenge. Here’s the story of this wild adventure.

Just Run With It (Episode 16): Claudia Marini & her 5K to prevent overdoses

In December of 2016, Claudia Marini lost her 22-year-old daughter to an overdose. Since then, this local runner has put on a brave face to help those who struggle with addiction by changing the system they’re thrown into. Claudia put together a 5K, which is scheduled for this weekend (Oct. 7), called Maddie’s Miles. You can sign up for the race here: www.RunSignUp.com/Race/NC/WinstonSalem/MaddiesMiles5k.

Just Run With It: (Episode 15): Running happy, running long and running fast with Cindy Barbour

You can count yourself lucky if you’ve ever ran with Cindy Barbour — not only because it means you’re running alongside one of the most motivated runners in the area, but because you can keep up with her! Cindy, who calls Greensboro home, talks with us about how helping others reach their fitness goal inspires her, her 100-mile at the Crooked Road 24-hour ultra, how she’s hiking the Appalachian Trail and how it felt to win the 2009 Charlottesville Marathon for women.

Just Run With It (Episode 14): Running to remember a little angel with Nicole Donoghue and Debbie Allison

Nicole Donoghue and Debbie Allison join us on this week’s Just Run With It podcast. We talked about The Declan Donoghue Foundation, which Nicole started after her toddler son passed away. The foundation builds playgrounds around the Triad and raises most of its funds through an annual 5K. We talk why play is important for both kids and adults, why the foundation is focusing on playgrounds and why the race is such a hit. See more on the foundation at www.DeclansFoundation.org.

Just Run With It (Episode 13): Sarah Beth Davis and Robin Lindsay get kids GO(ing) FAR!

Sarah Beth Davis, executive director of GO FAR, and the nonprofit’s founder Robin Lindsay, talk about their own passion for running and how the idea for GOFAR (Go Out For A Run) came to be. The nonprofit, which is supported by donations, gets children in elementary and middle school interested in healthy lifestyles. The 10-week program concludes at the end of each semester with a 5K. To learn more, visit www.GOFARClub.org.

Just Run With It (Episode 12): Amy Ogonowski explains what happens when stress and running meet

In this episode, we talk with Greensboro runner Amy Ogonowski about how to balance a full, honest life outside of running with, well, running! As people prepare for fall races, it’s certainly a stressful time for some Triad runners. We talk about how going for a run can ease stress, but how too much can lead to disaster, and how having a structured training plan can help.

Just Run With It (Episode 11): Physical and mental training with Corrinne Rosquillo

It’s a well-known saying that running is like free therapy. But is it really? Corrinne Rosquillo shares with us her story of her mental health struggles, why she tried running and how it affected her, both physically and mentally.

Just Run With It (Episode 10): How to kickstart a love for running with Alice Owens

On our 10th episode of the Just Run With It podcast, we talk with High Point resident Alice Owens. At the end of 2016, she was unhappy with her health and lifestyle. So, she decided to do something about it. On the first day of 2017, she started running and has since ran across several exciting finish lines. She talks about how running has changed her life, how she’s lost 30 pounds this year and why she’s not stopping anytime soon.

Just Run With It (Episode 9): Welcoming guilt-free mommy time with Josie Cothran

So many mother runners feel a heavy guilt when they lace up their running shoes and hit the road or trails, leaving their child at home. But keeping that healthy lifestyle can be important — sometimes even vital — for those moms and their kids. Stephanie and Josie talk about where that guilt comes from, being a role model for the younger generations and how to combat “mom guilt” in episode 9 of Just Run With It.

Just Run With It (Episode 8): Nurturing a healthy body image with Lindsay Kremer

They go hand-in-hand — body image and running. How you view your body and how others view you if you carry the “I’m a runner” label can have both positive and negative effects on a person’s body image. Lindsay and Stephanie talk about their struggles and how they’ve come to accept and love their bodies for what they can do, rather than how they look.

Just Run With It (Episode 7): ​Lost Runners, LLC and running for a really long time with John Doggett

​If you enjoy trail running around the Triad, you probably know John Doggett​. He’s the race director of Lost Runner, LLC, which puts on various trail races in the Triad. But he also makes time to run for himself, although it’s not always a walk in the park. He’s completed some gnarly races, including a 100-miler and the grueling Georgia Death Race. We talk about the trail running community in the Triad, what it’s like to organize a race and his unique running tattoos.

​If you’re looking for more information on the races John mentions in this podcast, check out the Lost Runners 24Dogge​ttville 12 and Lakeside Trail Race​ on Facebook.

Just Run With It (Episode 6): Runner’s body and physical therapy with Allan Buccola

What started as a nagging injury lead to a completely new career for Greensboro runner Allan Buccola. Today, you can find him working in two area hospitals and running his own physical therapy practice. He talks about how he first became interested in PT, how his practice is different than others, and some tips for staying injury-free.

Just Run With It (Episode 5): Climbing up Colorado mountains with Curtis Arena

More than 6,000 feet of elevation? On trails? Through snow? With 50 mph winds? It sounded good to Jamestown runner Curtis Arena! In episode 5 of the Just Run With it podcast, we talk about this challenging race, losing motivation and finding it again, and pushing yourself to the absolute limit.

Just Run With It (Episode 4): Winding back the competitiveness with Ashley Bayse

In Episode 4 of Just Run With It, we discuss how competitiveness can both help and hinder runners in training and races. Thomasville native Ashley Bayse talks about how how she let it get the best of her for a short time, before she came back stronger than ever with inspiring and renewed goals.

Just Run With It (Episode 3): Ultrarunning with Dorothy Hans

On Episode 3 of Just Run With It, we talk with ultrarunning extraordinaire Dorothy Hans of Greensboro. Dorothy describes ultrarunning as it truly is — fun and rewarding, but also incredibly challenging and, sometimes, unbearable. And she writes about it, too, with just as much honesty.

To learn more about Dorothy Hans, visit her blog at www.crostinis.blogspot.com.

Just Run With It (Episode 2): Motherunner Tara Wommack

On Episode 2 of Just Run With It, Tara Wommack of Greensboro sheds some light on running with young children and how she opened a Fit4Mom franchise to encourage and support moms and their kids through fun group exercises.