Just Run With It (Episode 14): Running to remember a little angel with Nicole Donoghue and Debbie Allison

Nicole Donoghue and Debbie Allison join us on this week’s Just Run With It podcast. We talked about The Declan Donoghue Foundation, which Nicole started after her toddler son passed away. The foundation builds playgrounds around the Triad and raises most of its funds through an annual 5K. We talk why play is important for both kids and adults, why the foundation is focusing on playgrounds and why the race is such a hit. See more on the foundation at www.DeclansFoundation.org.

Just Run With It (Episode 13): Sarah Beth Davis and Robin Lindsay get kids GO(ing) FAR!

Sarah Beth Davis, executive director of GO FAR, and the nonprofit’s founder Robin Lindsay, talk about their own passion for running and how the idea for GOFAR (Go Out For A Run) came to be. The nonprofit, which is supported by donations, gets children in elementary and middle school interested in healthy lifestyles. The 10-week program concludes at the end of each semester with a 5K. To learn more, visit www.GOFARClub.org.

The PoDDCouple: NFL kickoff and predictions

On this episode of The PoDDCouple, we talk about the opening of the 2017 NFL season, including predictions on this week’s games. Play along and see if you can pick them out! Plus, the regular features, including Week in History and stories trending on www.hpenews.com.

High Point Confidential: The case of the “Black Hand” letter

As cryptic letters kept coming – and the anonymous phone calls and the thinly veiled threats and the mysterious men lurking outside her house — what she thought was a harmless prank quickly evolved into what surely must have been the most terrifying six weeks of her life

Podcast produced by Allison Temple | High Point Enterprise

Just Run With It (Episode 12): Amy Ogonowski explains what happens when stress and running meet

In this episode, we talk with Greensboro runner Amy Ogonowski about how to balance a full, honest life outside of running with, well, running! As people prepare for fall races, it’s certainly a stressful time for some Triad runners. We talk about how going for a run can ease stress, but how too much can lead to disaster, and how having a structured training plan can help.

The PoDDCouple: Revisiting “Married… with Children” 30 years later

Hard to believe it’s been 30 years since “Married… with Children” debuted and changed the nation’s television landscape (for better or for worse). The PoDDCouple discover some interesting facts about the show and cast.

Just Run With It (Episode 11): Physical and mental training with Corrinne Rosquillo

It’s a well-known saying that running is like free therapy. But is it really? Corrinne Rosquillo shares with us her story of her mental health struggles, why she tried running and how it affected her, both physically and mentally.

The PoDDCouple: “The Munster” Mash

With recent news of a reboot of “The Munsters” in the works, the PoDDCouple talk about the classic hit TV show from the 1960s. Play along as they test their knowledge with a “The Munsters” quiz and review trending stories at www.hpenews.com.

PoDDCouple: ELVIS!

ELVIS! The PoDDCouple talk about the life and career of Elvis Presley on the 40th anniversary of The King’s death, then strive for perfection on a tough quiz on the rock ‘n’ roll giant. Plus, a special Week in History and stories trending on hpenews.com

HP Confidential: Barber turned razors on his own family

 By all accounts, Nick Moore was one of High Point’s finest, most upstanding citizens.

Until, that is, one early morning nearly a century ago, when Moore — a well-known barber in the city’s black community — inexplicably decided to use his razors for something far more nefarious than shaving his customers’ whiskers. Moore’s vile actions jeopardized the lives of four family members, shocked the community and landed the barber in jail.

Just Run With It (Episode 10): How to kickstart a love for running with Alice Owens

On our 10th episode of the Just Run With It podcast, we talk with High Point resident Alice Owens. At the end of 2016, she was unhappy with her health and lifestyle. So, she decided to do something about it. On the first day of 2017, she started running and has since ran across several exciting finish lines. She talks about how running has changed her life, how she’s lost 30 pounds this year and why she’s not stopping anytime soon.


FANTASY FOOTBALL EDITION: The PoDDCouple talk about the upcoming NFL season and reveal some of their sleeper fantasy picks. Also, play along as they take a quiz on memorable football games and events through history. Plus, a tribute to the late, great Glen Campbell and the usual Week in History and stories trending on hpenews.com


LIKE, FAR OUT, MAN: The PoDDCouple dig some groovy vibes as they talk about the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and the iconic music from that era that has stood the test of time. Plus, play along with a quiz on that historic summer of 1967 and hear about stories trending on hpenews.com and the week in local history.

Just Run With It (Episode 9): Welcoming guilt-free mommy time with Josie Cothran

So many mother runners feel a heavy guilt when they lace up their running shoes and hit the road or trails, leaving their child at home. But keeping that healthy lifestyle can be important — sometimes even vital — for those moms and their kids. Stephanie and Josie talk about where that guilt comes from, being a role model for the younger generations and how to combat “mom guilt” in episode 9 of Just Run With It.

PoDDCouple: REALLY BAD MOVIES Guest Paul Johnson

REALLY BAD MOVIES: The PoDDCouple again welcome Enterprise political reporter Paul Johnson to talk about this year’s city election and join in on a discussion on the best and worst movies of all time. The crew then puts themselves to the test with a quiz on bad movies.

Just Run With It (Episode 8): Nurturing a healthy body image with Lindsay Kremer

They go hand-in-hand — body image and running. How you view your body and how others view you if you carry the “I’m a runner” label can have both positive and negative effects on a person’s body image. Lindsay and Stephanie talk about their struggles and how they’ve come to accept and love their bodies for what they can do, rather than how they look.

PoDDCouple: A revisit to two past episodes Hosted by Allison Temple

Allison podcast producer with help from Paul Johnson takes us back to the first episode of the poddcouple and move into the most downloaded episode with guest Jimmy Tomlin. With over a year has passed since we started podcasts and the poddcouple.

Just Run With It (Episode 7): ​Lost Runners, LLC and running for a really long time with John Doggett

​If you enjoy trail running around the Triad, you probably know John Doggett​. He’s the race director of Lost Runner, LLC, which puts on various trail races in the Triad. But he also makes time to run for himself, although it’s not always a walk in the park. He’s completed some gnarly races, including a 100-miler and the grueling Georgia Death Race. We talk about the trail running community in the Triad, what it’s like to organize a race and his unique running tattoos.

​If you’re looking for more information on the races John mentions in this podcast, check out the Lost Runners 24Dogge​ttville 12 and Lakeside Trail Race​ on Facebook.

PoDDCouple: A ‘BLANK’ OF A GOOD TIME Guest Natalie Stewart

A ‘BLANK’ OF A GOOD TIME: High Point Enterprise public safety reporter Natalie Stewart joins The PoDDCouple to share bizarre police reports and talk about her series on unsolved homicides. She then joins the crew for a spirited round of Match Game in honor of the 1970s game show. Also, stories trending on hpenews.com and the week in history.

Just Run With It (Episode 6): Runner’s body and physical therapy with Allan Buccola

What started as a nagging injury lead to a completely new career for Greensboro runner Allan Buccola. Today, you can find him working in two area hospitals and running his own physical therapy practice. He talks about how he first became interested in PT, how his practice is different than others, and some tips for staying injury-free.

HP Confidential: Rowdy religious sect fanned High Point’s flames in 1905

Anyone who complains that nothing ever happens downtown obviously wasn’t here in 1905.

That’s the year a band of religious zealots known as the “Burning Bushers” arrived in High Point and turned Main Street into their own personal revival tent

Just Run With It (Episode 5): Climbing up Colorado mountains with Curtis Arena

More than 6,000 feet of elevation? On trails? Through snow? With 50 mph winds? It sounded good to Jamestown runner Curtis Arena! In episode 5 of the Just Run With it podcast, we talk about this challenging race, losing motivation and finding it again, and pushing yourself to the absolute limit.

PoDDCouple: “THANK YOU, KIND SUUUUUH.” Guest Vince Wheeler

“THANK YOU, KIND SUH.” The PoDDCouple welcome Enterprise Assistant Editor and resident history buff Vince Wheeler to talk about his collection of old Enterprise newspapers and the anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg. Also, see if you agree with our picks for movies with the worst Southern accents and test your Civil War knowledge with a Gettysburg quiz!

Just Run With It (Episode 4): Winding back the competitiveness with Ashley Bayse

In Episode 4 of Just Run With It, we discuss how competitiveness can both help and hinder runners in training and races. Thomasville native Ashley Bayse talks about how how she let it get the best of her for a short time, before she came back stronger than ever with inspiring and renewed goals.

PoDDCouple: You’ve entered the twilight zone

You’ve entered the twilight zone: The PoDDCouple welcome Enterprise

staff writer and political beat writer Paul Johnson and discuss a range

of topics including this year’s city elections, local economic growth

and corporate incentives. They also discuss the classic TV show “The

Twilight Zone” and put themselves and listeners to the test with a

15-question quiz.

Just Run With It (Episode 3): Ultrarunning with Dorothy Hans

On Episode 3 of Just Run With It, we talk with ultrarunning extraordinaire Dorothy Hans of Greensboro. Dorothy describes ultrarunning as it truly is — fun and rewarding, but also incredibly challenging and, sometimes, unbearable. And she writes about it, too, with just as much honesty.

To learn more about Dorothy Hans, visit her blog at www.crostinis.blogspot.com.


The PoDDCouple reflect on the career of Adam

West, star of the iconic 1960s television hit series “Batman,” and make

some predictions on this week’s U.S. Open golf tournament. Also, find

out how they fare as they test their knowledge with a quiz on Batman

villains. Plus, stories trending on hpenews.com and the week in history.

Just Run With It (Episode 2): Motherunner Tara Wommack

On Episode 2 of Just Run With It, Tara Wommack of Greensboro sheds some light on running with young children and how she opened a Fit4Mom franchise to encourage and support moms and their kids through fun group exercises.

The PoDDCouple: Use The Force!

USE THE FORCE! Marking the 40th anniversary of the original Star Wars movie, the gang shares some fun facts about the movie and the franchise and are joined by producer and Star Wars fanatic Allison Temple in a quiz to test their knowledge of the epic film. Plus, the week in history, stories trending on hpenews.com and weird stuff thrown on the ice at hockey games.

PodCast: The Fab Four: Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of the Beatles’ classic “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Fab Four: Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of the

Beatles’ classic “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” Mark and Joe

talk about the classic album, the Beatles’ historic meeting with Elvis

Presley and test their knowledge of The Fab Four with a quiz. Also, the

top stories trending on hpenews.com and the week in history.


WAR MOVIES, AND THE FLINSTONES: Mark and Joe discuss the best war movies

of all time as we head into Memorial Day weekend. They also test their

knowledge of the classic cartoon “The Flintstones” with a 15-question

quiz. Plus the usual week in history and stories trending on hpenews.com

PoDDCouple: Shazam!

Shazam! Mark and Joe welcome High Point Enterprise features writer Jimmy

Tomlin, who gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his new series, “High

Point Confidential.” He also joins the PoddCouple as they test their

knowledge of the classic TV show “Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.” Plus, the week in

history and stories trending on hpenews.com

HP Confidential: The Horneytown Massage Parlor

To say the Horneytown Massage Parlor rubbed people the wrong way may be a cheeky pun, but it’s also the truth.

Today, the good folks in Horneytown don’t seem to remember much about the small Forsyth County community’s most notorious business establishment — or if they do, they’re not talking.

PoDDCouple: Scum bums!

“ISSUE: The stream cut off our introductions so we cut right into the banter”

“Scum bums!” Mark and Joe talk about the comedy blockbuster “Smokey and

the Bandit” on the 40th anniversary of its release. Play along as they

test their knowledge of the cinematic classic with a 15-question quiz.

Also the usual features, including stories trending on hpenews.com, the

week in history and our weekly Elvis moment.

PoDDCouple: We’re not smarter than fifth graders!

“We’re not smarter than fifth graders!” Mark and Joe talk about the popular game show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” and put themselves and producer Allison Temple to the test. Plus, the week in history and stories trending on hpenews.com

PoDDCouple: It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

It’s a marathon, not a sprint! The PoDDCouple welcomes Enterprise reporter/digital manager Stephanie Butzer, who recently ran in the Boston marathon. Stephanie gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the event and joins Joe and Mark for a chance at redemption with another Bruce Springsteen quiz.

PoDDCouple: Let’s play The Feud! Guest Laura “Blue” Greene

Let’s play The Feud! The PoDDCouple welcomes guest Laura Greene to talk

about life as a High Point Enterprise photographer and join them in a

game of Family Feud to promote an upcoming West End Ministries

fundraiser. Also, the usual week in history and stories trending on


The PoDDCouple: March Madness! Guests Zach and Daniel

March Madness! The PoDDCouple welcomes Thomasville Times/Archdale Trinity News writers Zach Kepley and Daniel Kennedy, hosts of the Across the Cubicle podcast, to talk about the NCAA basketball tournament. Plus, the usual local headlines, the week in history and a quiz on the Duke and UNC basketball rivalry.

PoDDCouple: What is this donnybrook? Guest? We dont need a guest!

What is this donnybrook? The PoDDCouple talk about the hit TV series “Mad Men,” the anniversary of Baby Jessica, the ACC tournament and more. Plus stories trending on hpenews.com and the week in history. And test your knowledge of “Mad Men” with a special quiz at the end!

And the Oscar goes to??? Guest NOOOOO ONE!

And the Oscar goes to??? The PoDDCouple discuss the Academy Awards gaffe, Bill Paxton and the best movie endings of all time. Plus stories trending on hpenews.com, the week in history and a quiz on past Oscar winners.

Boogity, boogity, boogity! Guest Greer Smith

The PoDDCouple welcomes High Point Enterprise sports writer and longtime NASCAR beat writer Greer Smith to talk about this weekend’s Daytona 500 and join them in a Daytona 500 quiz. Also the usual week in history and stories trending on hpenews.com. And a special tribute to longtime Enterprise sports writer and NASCAR Hall of Famer Benny Phillips.

PoDDCouple: Let’s play Match Game!

Let’s play Match Game! The PoDDCouple welcomes Enterprise education beat writer Cinde Ingram to talk about local education and what it was like to work at the Enterprise years ago. We also talk about the most popular game shows of all time and play a little Match Game with our own Mark McKinney in the role of Gene Rayburn.

Hosts Joe & Mark Guest Cindi Ingram

Produced by @HPEallietech

PoDDCouple: Did they say zombies? GuestPat Kimbrough

Did they say zombies? The PoDDCouple welcome High Point Enterprise city and business reporter Pat Kimbrough to talk about the Super Bowl, Pebble Beach Golf Pro Am and the hit TV series “The Walking Dead.” Plus the usual week in history and stories trending on hpenews.com

Hosts Joe & Mark Guest Pat Kimbrough

Produced by @HPEallietech

PoDDCouple: SuperBowl…… Maybe?

It’s Super Bowl time! The PoDDCouple welcomes Thomasville Times and Archdale-Trinity News writer Daniel Kennedy to talk about the best and worst Super Bowls of all time, this week’s big game and, more importantly, the top 10 Super Bowl snacks. Also, the regular week-in-history feature and the top stories on hpenews.com

Featured @HPEjoe @HPEmark @TVTdaniel

Produced by Allison Temple @allietechie